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Hello, I’m DF – the CEO.
Okwat.net is a voluntary project, a broadcasting collective, staffed by DJs living in different corners of the world, broadcasters and helpers - all with a common goal...a passion to entertain their brothers and sisters all over the world. We don't do this for money, for profit, or for some large multi-national parent organisation. 
We're 100% reliant on the financial support of our listeners, people like YOU, who dig into your pockets and push just a couple of dollars or pounds to our cause via our PayPal donation page.
With your support, the people's voice would fall silent pretty quickly (after all this is not a cheap game). So please think about the entertainment we provide you, and how just a couple of dollars or pounds will really help us to continue broadcasting to thousands of Africans all over the world.
If you’ve any questions, email us: info@africavoice.news … Besides, you can follow us on our social media accounts as well for the updates: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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Drogba est le premier joueur ivoirien avoir marqu en phase finale de Coupe du monde face lArgentine et au Brsil. Lattaquant sillustre pour la premire fois Guingamp, dans le championnat franais. Un an plus tard, il signe Marseille et y reste le temps d...